The Rapid Response Team (RRT) is a group of appointed MassArt College administrators and staff who are responsible for making decisions regarding crisis situations that affect MassArt community members. The RRT will take appropriate measures necessary in order to safeguard persons, safeguard property, and maintain educational facilities. When an emergency affecting the campus reaches such proportions that cannot be handled by routine measures, MassArt’s Rapid Response Team (RRT) will convene and determine if some or the entire Emergency Operations Plan will be implemented to control the incident.

The College President or designee will declare a campus state of emergency if such action is warranted.  The Chief of Campus Police or designee may activate the Rapid Response Team depending on level of emergency designated by Emergency Director or designee. RRT follows the National Incident Management Systems’ guidelines created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as outlined in MassArt’s Emergency Operations Plan.  Additional members of the community may be called to participate with the RRT, depending on the type of emergency.

The RRT meets monthly throughout the year to plan and participate in crisis simulations. Crisis response plans and procedures are regularly updated to reflect the latest industry best practices. Debrief meetings are held after all incidents to evaluate the campus’s response and provide updates. The RRT is led by Dwayne Farley, Chief of Police/ Director of Public Safety and includes: