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Step-by-step guide

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    1. 1.      Click on link below or copy into your browser (For best results use Mozilla Firefox Browser.)

    1. 2.      Logging on

    If this is your first time logging in you will need a user name and password.  Please contact Peggy Maki at x7841 or email at

    1. Once logged on you will be brought to the Home page
      1. Click on versions
      2. Select 2018 Opening Budget (Other prior versions of budgets are for reference only)
      3. Select Unit (Budget Item/Department)
      4. Navigation window for the budget
      5. Click on Headcount Review and follow steps

                                                        i.     Step 1 review current employees   NOTE: In this section, you are verifying the current headcount, including vacancies. You do not need to verify salaries.

                                                       ii.     Click yes/no (If not correct contact Peggy Maki)

                                                      iii.     Click Save, then click close

    1. Back to Navigation Window
    2. Select the Stack you want to begin to budget for and select section

    Once you have begun to budget in the other sections we prefer that use select “By line item detail”.  Simply click add row for each budgeted item in that area and save. 

    When completed with your budget, please email your area VP or designee.  This will allow time for review and changes to be made if needed.

    At any point during this process if you need any assistance, please call Please contact Peggy Maki at x7841 or email at



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