The MassArt faculty-led travel courses are opportunities for our students to learn about the world beyond Boston and to grow as citizen artists of the world. Please see the handbook and addenda below for a comprehensive guide from initial course development to processes upon return.



Appendix A_Concept Proposal Form_Travel Courses.docx

Appendix B_Full Proposal Form_Travel Courses.docx

Appendix C_Budget Planning Template_Travel Courses.xls

Appendix D_Travel Course Support Staff Application.docx

Appendix E_Sample Acceptance-Waitlist Letters.docx

Appendix F_HTH Information Sheet.pdf

Appendix G_Emergency Handbook.docx

Appendix H_Timeline_Fall Course_Winter Break Travel.xlsx

Appendix H_Timeline_Spring Travel Course_Spring Break Travel.xlsx

Appendix H_Timeline_Spring Travel Course_Summer Travel.xlsx

Appendix I_Forum on Education Abroad_Standards for Short Term Study.pdf