Photo Identification Card Policy

Revised: March 1, 2017
Original Date of Issue: July 1, 2007

Policy: It is the policy of Massachusetts College of Art and Design that all current members of the College community be issued a valid Photo Identification Card for the purposes of verifying status and for seeking access to College facilities or services. It is required that College Photo Identification Cards be visibly displayed at all times while on any College facilities*. College Photo Identification Cards must be shown, and presented for inspection, upon request by any Campus Police Officer, Security Officer, or any other College official. College-issued Photo Identification Cards remain the property of Massachusetts College of Art and Design and may be confiscated for legitimate reasons.

Scope: All employees must obtain Photo Identification Cards upon hire. All students enrolling in college courses must obtain Photo Identification Cards upon registration. Photo Identification Cards are produced by the Public Safety Department and are initially provided at no cost. Restrictions on access to certain College doors may apply to students or staff, for areas deemed as restricted. Guests will be required to register as a visitor upon entrance to any College facility and display the College-issued visitor / guest identification badge while on campus.  Valid Photo Identification will be required.  All Residence Halls have restricted access and only students living in that building will be granted access to the main doors. Students living on campus must also obtain a housing validation sticker for the building in which they live.

ID Violations: Authority for the enforcement of this policy, including validation/activation procedures, is vested within the Public Safety Department. Student ID cards becomes void upon termination and are placed in an inactive status during periods of interruption of enrollment at the College.

It is a violation of College Policy to lend the College Photo Identification Card to anyone or fail to present it upon request by a Campus Police Officer, Security Officer, or any other College Official. Such violation subjects the holder to disciplinary action. College Photo Identification Cards will only be replaced if lost or stolen. It is a violation of this Policy to request a second Photo Identification Card for convenience. Any replacement card will invalidate previously issued cards, so that only the most recently issued card will work within the College's system.

Semester Validation Stickers: Each semester, a new semester sticker is designed in order to validate an active College Photo Identification Card. It is the responsibility of all Students and Employees of MassArt, to have the correct active Validation Sticker on their Photo Identification Card. Validation stickers can be obtained at the Public Safety Office located on the second floor of the Tower Building at any time.  Semester stickers shall be placed on the lower left hand corner of the ID card.  Public Safety Officers at assigned posts will check for outdated stickers upon display and may inform members of the community to obtain a new sticker when needed.

Housing Validation Sticker: Each Academic year, a housing sticker is given to those students living on-campus in the Residence Halls. Each Residence Hall has their own specific sticker and it is the responsibility of the student to obtain their housing sticker from the Public Safety Office.  Security Guards at the Residence Halls may send a student to Public Safety to obtain the correct housing sticker before entrance to the building is given. 

Contractor and Vendor ID:  Contractor/Vendors may be issued a valid ID if approved by the Director of Facilities or the Chief of Police for contractors performing official work approved by the College.  Contractor and Vendor ID cards become void upon completion of work and placed in an inactive status during periods of interruption of employment.

Lost or Stolen ID Cards:  Anyone issued a College ID card must report any lost or stolen cards immediately to Public Safety so someone is unable to enter the College with your ID.  A new card will be issued for first time replacements.  If numerous ID cards are lost or misplaced a replacement fee of $25.00 will be charged.  Payment would be required to the Business Office prior to issuing a new card unless otherwise approved by College Official.  Once payment is confirmed a new ID card shall be issued. 

A current valid picture ID, like a driver's license, state ID, military ID, or passport must be shown before a College ID card will be made.

*This policy will allow for students/faculty or staff working in a classroom or studio space, permissible to remove their ID card while performing work that would be a safety hazard if operating machinery or if it interferes with their work in some capacity.