MassArt does not have vaccines to administer and will be encouraging its community members to get a vaccine when they are eligible according to the Massachusetts vaccine rollout. 

See more information from the COVID-19 Vaccine Presentation Baker-Polito Administration December 9, 2020.


At this time, MassArt will not be administering the vaccine on campus. We will be encouraging everyone to seek out a COVID-19 vaccine and sharing information about how our community members can access the vaccine. 

We highly recommend anyone who is over the age of 75 years or has any medical concerns reach out to your healthcare provider to inquire about the vaccine. 

Please use these websites to find vaccination sites near you when you become eligible: 



Individuals without access to the internet or who are unable to schedule their appointment online can call toll free 2-1-1 or (877) 211-6277 for assistance making an appointment. 

Veterans of all ages can get vaccinated at any VA Boston Healthcare facility. For more information or to enroll go to boston.va.gov.

What to Know Before & After You Get the Vaccine


It is advised NOT to take any Advil or Tylenol BEFORE getting your vaccine, as this may potentially limit the immune response that is needed for the vaccine to be fully effective. You can take advil or tylenol AFTER the dose if you experience any symptoms, but it's recommended not to take any before. (Here's a scientific paper if you really feel like getting into the science! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/.../khvi-12-09-1183077.pdf...

If you have already had COVID, it is still recommended you get the vaccine as it will provide you with a longer and stronger immunity than the natural 90 day immunity that you get from the disease itself. 

You should NOT get the vaccine if you are actively in isolation or quarantine during the time of your vaccine appointment. This would put others at the site at risk of infection, so you need to wait until you have cleared isolation or quarantine. 


Experiencing symptoms is a normal and expected response to the vaccine that shows your body's immune response is reacting to the protein that the vaccine gives you to be able to block the virus. I recommend taking it easy for 1-2 days after you receive your vaccine as a precaution. 

All community members will still need to continue testing at your regular frequency even after receiving the vaccine. Soon we will hopefully have enough information about the effectiveness of the vaccine on reducing transmission of the virus (SARS-CoV2) from one person to another, however right now we only know that the vaccine is very effective at preventing people from getting the disease (COVID-19) themselves. You should continue to wear a mask, physical distance and all the other safety measures you've all been doing until we know more. 

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines require 2 doses, and it is crucial you get both of these doses for full immunity. Full immunity is reached 2 weeks after you get the second dose of the vaccine. 

Facts About the Vaccine