Creating and Posting a Work Study Job

Any department that is interested in hiring a Work Study student employee should post their job online, on the Career Development website.

Once logged in, Supervisors should click "Post a Job" and follow the guided steps.
If you have questions or issues with logging-in, please contact

Required information

When creating a posting for a new job you must include the following information before it can be approved.

Position information

  • Position Title
  • Graphic Region of Position (Select "Boston Metro")
  • Supervisor Name, Position, and Department
  • Hours per Week 
  • Pay Type (Select "Hourly")
  • Hourly Rate or Salary (all Work Study students are currently paid $11/hour.)
  • Type of Job
  • Position Duties & Description
  • Application instructions (How can they apply for the position? Email? Is a resume needed? Etc.)