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  • 2020-2021 IIO Committee Documents

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

International and Intercultural Opportunities Committee

Wednesday, November 4 ⋅ 1:30 – 2:30pm

Meeting Minutes


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Meeting ID: 815 2561 8250

Passcode: 031024



Elaine Buckholtz

Billie Mandle



Hui-Ling Chen

Marie-Claire Dumornay (Advisor)

Amy Holland




Recording Secretary


  1. Call to Order


  1. Vote for positions (10 Minutes)
    1. Chair - Amy volunteers - approved
    2. Vice Chair aids the Chair and performs the duties of the Chair in their absence. - Elaine volunteered and is approved.
    3. Recording Secretary to capture the summary notes and share them with the group prior to each meeting.  -  Billie volunteered and is approved
    4. Logistics Person is responsible for scheduling meetings, providing log-in information, sending agendas and materials to all members prior to each meeting, and posting agendas and minutes to the wiki. - Marie-Claire volunteers and is approved


  1. IEC Presentation - Erica Puccio O’Brien (20 Minutes, 10 minutes for questions)


  1. Discussion of IIO Message to community post election (10 minutes)
    1. Have them in our thoughts and we support them
    2. Student may or may not be able to come back
    3. We’re aware of them
    4. Amy will create and edit


  1. Discussion of next meeting topic (10 minutes)
    1. 2017-18 Int’l Student Report - Review and consider outreach.
    2. What can we as a committee do for outreach for Int’l students?
    3. JET - Meet with Brenda/Lyssa?
    4. Invite someone from Admissions - Hui Ling will reach out


  1. Adjournment