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MassArt Travel Course Guidelines

Full Proposals


Proposals for travel courses sponsored by MassArt faculty and/or staff will be reviewed by the Travel Course Review Committee, and recommendations will be sent to MassArt’s Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President of Student Development, and Executive Vice President for final approval. The following criteria will be considered during proposal review.


Full Proposal (Deadline: January 4, 2019)


Review of Basic Requirements



     Does the proposal have the approval of the appropriate department chair(s)?

Application and Enrollment

     Has the course run previously or is it a new course? If a repeat course, has it run in the year immediately preceding?

     Is the travel available to all majors, first year students, and to the COF/ProArts/Graduate/Continuing Education community?

     Is the ideal number of student participants 18, which is the target enrollment for a travel course?

     Is it possible to adjust for students with physical impairments?

Health and Safety

     List of local hospitals or medical/emergency services.

     List of required immunizations/vaccinations.

     List of potential health issues and medical care.

     List of local Embassies and/or Consulates.

     Information on local laws and police, including 9-1-1 equivalent.

     Information on on-site transportation: buses or taxis, subway, flights, etc.

     Up-to-date information on the political climate and stability.

     If homestays are to be used, who will vet the families and homes, and is there a plan if problems arise in a particular homestay situation?


     Does the proposed budget provide sufficient detail?

     Does the proposed budget reflect adequate research on local costs?

     Is the proposed course fee reasonable?








Review of Course Proposal



     Does the proposal fit with the department of origin’s mission and goal(s)?

     Is the destination of the travel integral to the academic content? What is the academic rigor of the course?

     What are the plans for on-campus (pre- and post-travel) academic or other meetings? How will these fit together with the travel component?

     Does the proposal reflect clearly articulated and measurable student learning objectives?

Faculty/Staff International Travel Leader

     What is the experience of the faculty leader in the country, region or city?

     Does the faculty leader or assistant have fluency or facility in the local language?

     What is the experience of the faculty with leading travel groups?

     What is the faculty leader’s knowledge of the course subject?

     What are the plans for engaging in-country, in-region experts/faculty?


Comparative Review


Strategic Components as Compared to Other Proposed Courses

     Do the proposed courses connect with MassArt’s mission*?

     Are the proposed destinations considered non-traditional locations?

     Do the proposals have the same country or a similar region as destinations? (The committee will consider if multiple courses to the same geographic location should run simultaneously.)

     Do the proposals have the same departments, academic content or subject areas?

     Are the proposals for the same/different semesters and do they have similar dates of travel?

     Does the travel component draw upon the resources of the country/region/city to enhance the student experience and learning?

Additional Considerations

     How will the proposed courses appeal to MassArt students?

     Do the proposed courses interact with their subject matter in an innovative way?

     Does the proposal reflect a reasonable experience and itinerary?





*MassArt Mission Statement:

Massachusetts College of Art and Design is a public, independent college of art and design. The college's academic and co-curricular programs prepare students from diverse backgrounds to participate in the creative economy as artists, designers, and educators, and to engage in the well-being of their society. As a national leader in visual art and design education, the college influences contemporary culture through the creative accomplishments of its students, alumni, faculty and staff.