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To: Budge t Cu st od i an s


From: Robert Perry , V i c e P r es i den t


Subject: FY20 20 Budge t Deve l op m en t


Date: February 8, 2019





A s w e e n te r t h e budg e t d e v el op m e n t p r o cess for FY’20 , Public Higher Education continues to face economic challenges. State funding is expected to be relatively flat. There are major issues with the amount of Collective Bargain funding we expect to receive this year along with the appropriate increase to the FY2020 base amount. We anticipate seeing an increase in student enrollment. We are proposing a 4% increase in tuition and fees, in accordance with the 2015-2020 Partnership Plan.  In addition, expenses will continue to increase through annualization of current programs, utilities and payroll.  Our goal is to present a balanced budget to our Trustees.


President Nelson will continue to work with the other State University Presidents to request from the legislature funding for our students and operating the college that preserves affordability for our students, funds collective bargaining, and helps us guarantee the necessary resources to fund the academic program of the college.


The budget commitment for FY’20 will be to fund the essential operations of the college, and not to fund special projects or other expansion at this point of the budget process.  Any additional resources will be directed to the implementation of the Strategic Plan’s goals and objectives. This budget will be held in a strategic initiatives account under the supervision of the President’s Office.  All strategic initiatives should be in Achieveit to allow the Cabinet to review, prioritize and sequence.  This is essential for the college to utilize the resources that we have this fiscal year.








MassArt Budget Process:

  • FY20 Budget Memo released to Trust Fund Custodians- February 12, 2019
  • Opening Access to Budget Pak (MassArt’s On-line Budget system)-February 12, 2019
  • Completed Budget Requests and notify area Vice President –March 1, 2019
  • Submission of Vice President approved Budget Requests to A&F- March 15, 2019
  • A&F will review and prepare reports for President and Vice Presidents for discussion
  • Submission to Vice Presidents and President for final review-early April 2019
  • Approval by Board of Trustees-June 2019
  • The tasks and related time sequence for preparing the annual operating budget are documented and disseminated to appropriate College fund custodians
  • Note Monthly budget reports and workflow information found in DaVinci is located in the MassArt Wiki budget page


The college continues to work diligently toward addressing the ongoing budgetary challenges, while simultaneously providing our students the quality education and services they have come to expect.  As we move into FY’20, we must continue to work together, prioritizing our goals to meet our fiscal responsibilities and student’s needs, and I ask that you keep this in mind, as you submit your department’s budgets. 


If you have any questions regarding the 2020 Budget process, please feel free to contact Bob Perry at x7269 or email or refer to the wiki budget process page at







F isc a l Y e a r 2020 Budg e t I n str u cti ons


Access to the Budget Pak site and other budget materials will be located at 2020 Budget Process site on the MassArt wiki page. This process was designed to make it easier to develop your budget.  Features include reports, historical data, and ability to make notes and upload supporting documentation into Budget Pak.


Yo ur department pay r o l l e xp e n s e a ss o ci a te d w it h you r op er a ti o n will be located in the program for you to review and approve.   A guide to using Budget Pak will be located at the 2020 Budget site, as well as other budget material to help you complete your departmental budget.


If you would like to meet with me prior to the budget deadline, please contact your Vic e President to discuss scheduling a meeting to assess your FY2020 departmental needs as they relate to new facilities services, new IT services and equipment, and emergency capital equipment. Other appropriate staff may be invited to attend the meeting.


Finally, we will develop a consolidated list of requests, which will be distributed to area Vice Presidents, who will then prioritize institutional needs based on available funding. Please note that these facilities, IT, and capital equipment items should not be included in your department’s budget request .  A separate process will be used to collect that information.


A s b ef o re , t h e V ic e P resi d e n t s an d t h e P re s i d e n t w il l re v ie w t h e c u rre n t p ers onn e l budg e t an d d e v el o p a ss u m p ti on s f o r FY2020 p ers onn e l n ee d s an d p ri o ritie s . P le a s e d o no t i n cl ud e an tici pa te d p ers onn e l n ee d s i n you r d e pa rt m e n t’ s op er a ti ona l budg e t re qu est .  Please do not include these request in Budget Pak and under separate cover to your area VP with justifications and projected expense.


Each department’s operating budget represents the total amount of annual and recurring expenditures, which support the necessary basic operation of your program. Many fund custodians find it helpful to refer to previous budgets for past 2 fiscal years.


All budget request forms are due Friday , March 1, 2019 to your area Vice Presidents. In addition, if your department brings in revenue to the college, a separate memo will be sent in the next few weeks.


Vice Presidents will need to review and submit departmental budgets no later than March 15, 2019 .


Than k yo u an d i f yo u hav e an y qu esti on s , p le a s e d o no t h esit a t e t o c on t a c t m e .