For more information and updates on MassArt's response to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, please visit Please review the Technology department operations during Coronavirus-COVID-19 pandemic wiki article for information on access to Technology department facilities and services. Please submit technical issues and service requests to the help desk web customer portal, via email at, or via phone 617.879.7888.


MassArt Mobile

Many of you may not realize that MassArt has a mobile app, available since last Spring.  We encourage everyone in the MassArt community to download the app and try it out.  

Faculty and Staff can use to app to check courses and grades.  It also gives convenient access to the following resources:

  • Academic and Events calendars
  • Moodle
  • Fenway Cash
  • Bookstore
  • Library catalog search
  • Campus map
  • Department directory
  • Mobile-friendly sites for a number of MassArt departments and groups
  • MassArt social media

We are constantly looking to add new features and improvements to the app, and you can contribute to its success by providing feedback, available within the app itself. You can find out more about it, including instructions on how to download it, in the Technology Knowledge Base


The inner workings of MassArt's network are not generally understood, nor are they necessarily of interest to most of the MassArt community. There have been some recent changes, however, that are worth heralding, as they position MassArt for growth and opportunities in the coming years as our networking needs continue to expand.
Through its membership in the Colleges of the Fenway, MassArt participates in the Colleges of the Fenway Area Network, or COFAN. COFAN provides a fiber-based network that connects all six schools in the consortium, as well as redundant internet service that is shared by the colleges, based out of network cores at MassArt and Wentworth. This network allows us to do things like share an offsite data center with Emmanuel College, reducing costs and improving performance for both institutions.
Over the summer, the COFAN network was redesigned, with all new core switching technology and a third network core added at the Markley Group, a major colocation facility downtown. We have new, more cost-effective contracts for internet service that give us a much greater capacity, with increased diversity and redundancy, at lower costs.  COFAN 2.0, as we're calling it, gives us a modern infrastructure that will allow MassArt to take advantage of new services that weren't even conceived of when the original COFAN was designed. Please see a recent press release from the Markley Group for some details.
MassArt Joins Eduroam

Along with the other Colleges of the Fenway institutions, MassArt has joined Eduroam, a secure, worldwide, federated network access initiative. Eduroam allows users from member organizations to gain encrypted access to a host institution's wireless network using their own local credentials. In other words, MassArt community members can login to Eduroam networks around the world using their NetID and password. Please note that you will need to login using your full email address (, and not just your NetID, as you do on campus.

We hope that the MassArt community will find this valuable as you roam between campuses here in the Fenway, but also as you travel to other campuses.  It also makes it significantly easier for guests on our campus to get access to the resources they need.

A map of Eduroam-US institutions can be found at the Eduroam-US website, and a global map can be found at

For more detailed instructions, see the Technology Knowledge Base.


As announced at the beginning of the semester, the wireless network in the Treehouse Residence Hall is being upgraded this semester. As of today, the work is almost half complete, with floors 12-20 having been upgraded. The lower floors are expected to be done by mid-November.

This upgrade should resolve a number of issues that have been reported since the Treehouse was built.  First, we are moving from two wireless access points per floor to ten, installing new APs in every suite. This should resolve the coverage issues caused by distance and obstructions, i.e. walls, between you and the previous access points.  Second, we are installing all new equipment, with the latest 802.11ac technology. This, in combination with increased bandwidth on campus, should resolve the capacity issues that are experienced in the Treehouse, particularly at the busiest times of day.

The SSID for the new wireless network in the Treehouse is called "Treehouse". The network uses the 802.1x protocol for secure authentication, and you will therefore be required to login using your MassArt NetID and password. There is also a "Treehouse-Guest" network for users who are not part of the MassArt or MCPHS communities.  Bandwidth and access are severely limited on the guest network.

Please note that MassArt is evaluating a network access control system to replace Clean Access. Until that system is implemented, wireless users in the Treehouse will not be required to login through Clean Access, but will still be required to login to the network using their NetIDs and passwords, as described above. The "MassArt" wireless network, using Clean Access, is still in use on the rest of campus.

Wired connections in the Treehouse will also continue to run through Clean Access.  Gaming devices should continue to be whitelisted.

For further information and detailed instructions, please consult the Technology Knowledge Base article on the Connecting To The Treehouse Wireless network.


Technology Alerts

For some time we've struggled with how to announce and record information about outages and other issues that affect our end users.  We use the all-student, all-faculty, and all-staff mailing lists for the really critical stuff, but we've never had a place that we can send people for a comprehensive, real-time view of what's broken.  We're looking into dashboard solutions, but in the meantime, we've set up the Technology Alerts wiki space as a hub for information about our network and system outages.

We'll be providing information there on all outages that affect our campus or our users, with as much detail as we can, including estimated resolution times and the systems, groups, or users that are affected. We'll also update the notices when the issues have been resolved.

Let us know what you think by emailing This is an early implementation, so we're looking for feedback on ways to improve the service.


It has been a busy summer at MassArt as we prepared for the fall semester.  There are a number of new services, upgrades, and other improvements we have completed or that are in process, and we hope that you'll find them to be beneficial.

Technology Knowledge Base (TKB)

The Technology Knowledge Base is a new repository of information about services, tools, and other resources available to the MassArt community. The Knowledge Base is intended as a self-help guide, to complement the in-person support provided by Tech Central.  It is built on the Confluence Wiki platform. You can Access the Technology Knowledge base at

Confluence Wiki

The Confluence Wiki has been in place at MassArt for years, but has previously only been available for administrative use among faculty and staff.  We have made a number of improvements to the service, including a licensing upgrade that allows us to offer the service to anyone in the MassArt community.  Feel free to browse the public spaces and contact Tech Central for assistance with setting up a space. You can access the Confluence Wiki at

Ellucian Mobile

MassArt has released the first generation of the MassArt Mobile App, which is available for iPhones and Android phones. It is an extension of our Student Information System, Ellucian's Colleague system, and includes access to course and grade information, events, Moodle, a campus map, and more.  To download, look for the Ellucian Go app in your app store, and select MassArt the first time you open the app. You can download the Ellucian Go App from your respective mobile device by clicking on the logos below:


Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is being rolled out across campus on all lab and instructional computers. Staff and faculty with College-funded computers, including administrative computers and faculty laptops purchased by the College, may contact the help desk to upgrade administrative computers. 

Subscriptions on staff and faculty home computers, i.e. those not provided by the College, are available for a small fee ($9.75 for an annual subscription) from our Kivuto WebStore. Please note that our license prohibits us from offering this to students, and that we can no longer provide home installation of Creative Suite 6.

Students may purchase Adobe Creative Cloud licenses with an educational discount directly from Adobe or from the Kivuto WebStore.

Classroom Upgrades

There have been number of upgrades to classroom hardware and software, including the following:

  • Most lab Macs have been upgraded to OS X Mavericks
  • A newly built computer lab in Kennedy 507 is presently serving Animation
  • The electronic projects studio has moved to North 272 and the Animation stop motion studio to Tower 320
  • The PC labs in Tower 1001 and Tower 408 have been upgraded
  • The public access Macs on the 12th floor of the Library and the Mac lab in South 308 have been upgraded
  • The projection systems in film screening rooms 1 and 2 have been upgraded
  • A ceiling mounted projector and A/V control panel have been installed in South 309.

In Progress 

Wireless in Treehouse

We are in the middle of a major upgrade to the wireless in the Treehouse residence hall. New access points, using the latest technology, will be installed in every suite, dramatically increasing the capacity and coverage for wireless use in our largest residence hall. We expect this work to be completed in October. 


Along with the other Colleges of the Fenway institutions, MassArt is joining the Eduroam initiative. Eduroam is a global wireless access system designed for the research and education community. When the service is enabled, MassArt students will be able to login to the wireless networks at any participating institution using your MassArt NetID.  We expect to complete our testing and roll the service out in late September.

Mobile Web Site

In October, we will be rolling out a mobile version of our external website, The main MassArt website is our public face to the world, and will now be accessible on mobile devices to potential students, visitors, donors, and the general public. 

More Classroom Upgrades

This semester, we will be upgrading the projection systems in the Trustees Room on the 11th floor of the Tower Building, as well as the following classrooms: North 379; South 109 and 206; and Tower 535. 540, 603, 605, and 659.