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Incoming & Interoffice Mail


All mail is sorted in mailboxes and is available for pick-up after noon Monday through Friday.  Mail addressed to persons unknown, will be opened to determine its destination.  Please notify the mailroom of any new mail recipients.


Outgoing Mail


When creating a brochure or postcard that will be mailed out it is important to select a non-glossy finish or a matte finish.The postage does not adhere to Mail that has a glossy/shiny finish. 


To ensure your mail is sent in a timely fashion, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Outgoing mail must have the department name on each envelope and arrive in Central Services by3:00 P.M. to be included with that day’s-outgoing mail.
  • Unsealed envelopes should have individual flaps down and secured with a rubber band.
  • Manila envelopes must be sealed and/or taped down.
  • Interoffice mail must be separated from outgoing mail and placed in appropriate tray. Please remember to check both sides and cross out previous names of recipients on inter-office envelopes.
  • Bundle International, stamped, sealed mail separate
  • Individual pieces of International mail should be placed on top of bundle

    Express/Overnight Mail

    Express Mail forms are available in Central Services.  Express Mail requires complete address information including telephone number of receiving party. 

    International express mail may take 3-5 days.

Permit Indicia 

Please contact Central Services if you need permit information. Central Services does not prepare permit mailings.

United Parcel Service 

UPS packages are handled at the loading dock (located at the base of the Tower and Gym Buildings, ext. 7932) onTetlow Street.  UPS packages can be left in Central Services for pick up.

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