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Budget Advisory Committee 20172018-2018  2019 (2019 2020 Budget Development Cycle)

Composition: 4 faculty, 9 administrators, and 3 Students

ChargeOur committee’s Charge is: To represent the college community and to ensure the financial resources of the college are allocated in response to priorities established in the planning processes of the institution including strategic planning, outcomes and assessments, and program review. The committee will present to the President and the Cabinet a set of budget priorities for consideration in the FY19 FY20 budget.   In addition, review current budget activity and spending operation reports.

The committee composition is: Four Faculty, Nine Staff and Administrators, and Three Students. This year the committee will be:


Kathryn Riel (Vice Chair)

Sara Hartmann

Ellen Shortell

Loretta Park


Staff & Administrators:

Robert Perry (Chair)  

Jamie Costello (Vice Chair)  

Chris Wright  

Joe Connelly

David Carder

Velda McRae-Yates

Don Arpino

Lucas Dean

John Ashworth-King

Susana Segat (Advisor)



Nell Valle (SGA Treasurer)

Adam Bertrand


Budget Advisory Committee 2017-2018  (2019 Budget Development Cycle)

Final Report to President and Cabinet

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nameBudget Committee Priorities April 2018 (1).pdf

Budget Advisory Committee 2017-2018  (2019 Budget Development Cycle)

Faculty (4)

Jim Cambronne

Ezra Shales


Financial Documents

             FY'17 18 Final                                    FY FY'16 17 Final                              FY'16 Audit  Final                                FY'15 Audit                    Historical Spending by month by Dept.  

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name3.A.4 FY2018-June30-Final.pdf
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nameFY2017-June 2017- Final.pdf
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nameFY2016-June 2016 Final.pdf

            FY'15 Audit                                FY'16 Audit                               FY'17 Audit                                  FY'18 Audit

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nameMassArt 2016 Audit Financial Statements Final.pdf
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nameMassArt-2015 Financial Statements - Final (3).pdf
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nameMass College of Art and Design 6.30.2017 Single Audit Repot.pdf
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nameMassArt-Audit-FY2018 Final.pdf

         Historical Spending by Department     

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nameOP Summary by Month by Dept-2018 (4)-Feb-18.pdf