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The  The Budget Office at MassArt facilitates:

  • Developing annual operating and capital budgets

  • Maintaining long-range financial planning models

  • Monitoring changes to these budgets with emphasis on maintaining good fiscal management with reasonable controls

  • Enforcing policy decisions regarding use of funds

  • Providing reports and data to assist management in making sound fiscal decisions

Budget Workshop Presentation Materials: 

FY2018 Budget

View filenameFY2018-Budget-Vote (2).
  1. Workshop PowerPoint 12/08/20: Budget Workshop Presentation - 12-8.pptx
  2. Sunnyside CC Exercise: SUNNYSIDE STATE UNIVERISTY - adapted for MCA.ppt
  3. Object Code Reference Guide
  4. Presentation from 11/20/20

Directions on how to view Budgets (Word Doc Link-Updated 12-08-20) - For FY21 or Prior Fiscal Years: Budget to Actuals.docx

Please reach out to Jack McDonald ( if additional guidance outside of the above document is needed. If there are access issues, please submit a ticket/send email to the help desk. 

FY21 Budget:

Approved by the Board of Trustees, September 22, 2020   

View file
nameFY'21 Budget Vote Package.pdf

FY21 Quarterly Fiscal Operations Reports (Reports will be posted here when available).

FY21 Operations Summary by Month/Department  (Reports will be posted here when available).

FY20 Budget:

Approved by the Board of Trustees, June 11, 2019       Final Fiscal Operations Report 

View file




FY18 Budget Planning Process

This section is designed to help you with the new budget software and FY18 budget process.  If at any point during the budget process you need assistance, please contact Bob Perry at x7269 or Peggy Maki at x7841.

BudgetPak Login


Click below for Quick Start Budget Instructions


View file
nameFiscal Ops Report - FY20.pdf

FY20 Budget vs. Actual Recap (6-15-20 Update)

CST Budget Review - FY20 - 6-15-20 Update.xlsx

CST - High Budget Overrides + % of Budget Used as of 6-15-20.xlsx

Fund 28 Budget Review - FY20 - 6-15-20 Update.xlsx

PCE & PCG Programs Budget Review - FY20 - 6-15-20 Update.xlsx

Trust Fund Budget Review - FY20 - 6-15-20 Update.xlsx

Budget Transfer Form.xlsx

Budget Timeline and Project Chart -DRAFTImage Added

FY19 Budget:

FY19 Budget vs. Actual Recap

CST Budget Review - FY19 All.xlsx

Fund 28 Budget Review - FY19 All.xlsx

PCE & PCG Programs Budget Review - FY19 All.xlsx

Trust Fund Budget Review - FY19 All.xlsx

Approved BOT, June 12, 2018       Final Fiscal Operations Report 

View file
View file

Audit Report  

View file
nameFinal Massachusetts College of Art and Design 6.30.2019 Financial Statements.pdf

FY18 Budget:

Approved BOT, June 13, 2017               Final Fiscal Operations Report     

 Budget Pak Users Guide


View file

Pak Instructions 2018

-Vote (2).pdf
View file

Audit Report  

View file
nameMassArt-Audit-FY2018 Final.pdf

FY21 Interim Budget Guidance

View file
nameFY21 Interim Budget Guidance.docx

View file
nameFY21 Interim Budget Guidance.pdf
View file
nameFY21 Interim Budget Guidance. pg 2.docx


How to Use BudgetPak

BudgetPak login (instructions)

View file
nameBudget Pak Instructions 2019 (1).pdf


State Budget Process

Image result for mass state budget processImage Added


Governors FY'20 Budget Recommendations

State Government Transparency Website
CTHRU was launched by the Office of the Comptroller in the fall of 2016 and has quickly become a national model for its depth, breadth, timeliness, and its intuitive experience for exploring how and where our tax dollars are utilized. Stewards of the Commonwealth’s financial data, the Office of the Comptroller is a uniquely independent and apolitical overseer of more than $60 billion in governmental and other funding sources annually. In addition, the Comptroller oversees the Commonwealth’s expenditure and payroll management and major audit functions ensuring security, transparency, accountability, and service delivery across all branches of state government. The powers and obligations of the Comptroller are generally dictated by M.G.L. c.7A.


Department of Higher Education Data Website

The DHE Data Center is derived from our Linear Trends books, a compilation of data submitted by the public higher education institutions that reflect the key performance measurement indicators approved by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education (BHE) in 2003/2004. Where authorized comparisons are made to peer-derived benchmarks and other performance targets established by the BHE.


FY17 Final Fiscal Operations Report         Audit Report                

View file
nameFO FY2017-7.1.16 - 6.30.17 Final.pdf
View file
nameMassArt 2017 Financial Statements.pdf


FY16 Final Fiscal Operations Report        Audit Report

View file
nameFO FY16 -7.1.15 - 6.30.16 Final.pdf
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BudgetPak User Guide FY2018
2016 Audit Financial Statements.pdf

End User Training Video