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  • No person is authorized to obligate the college without encumbering (having a PO issued) in advance, sufficient funds to meet the obligation. The college does not accept responsibility for unauthorized purchases.

  • All purchasing procedures are the same regardless of the source of funds.

  • College funds can only be requested by a Trust Fund Custodian (TFC) or their authorized designee, who insures that funds are available and that the request is submitted utilizing approved college purchasing procedures.

  • Any expenditure, regardless of size, (except those made using the Purchasing Card) must be made through the Purchase Order format. Purchase Orders commit college funds.  The Purchasing Department will advise if a Purchase Order is not necessary.

  • The College is tax-exempt and therefore is not required to pay sales tax (the tax exempt number is printed on the P-card.)  Click here for a copy of the Tax-Exempt Certificate.

  • Only items sold TO MassArt can be paid BY MassArt.

  • The Executive Vice President is the only person authorized to enter into a contract on behalf of the College.

  • Expenses must be charged to both the department and fiscal year in which they occur.

  • Items purchased must be received or services rendered must be completed by June 30th of the fiscal year. 

  • Pre-payments cannot be made for expenses for the next fiscal year.

  • All authorization signatures must be in BLUE ink.



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