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Charge: To take up or act upon any recommendation, report or other matter submitted to it by any standing or ad hoc committee or to refer to a standing committee or ad hoc committee any matter that any member of the college community shall bring to ACC for consideration.

Jeremy Dupont (President)

Stephanie Houten (PHENOM)

Laura Azevedo (NTSO)


Curriculum Committee (Article VII D.1.a.i)

Charge: To prepare reports and recommendations concerning:  1) general coordination and improvements of the academic program; 2) deletion/addition to or changes in the curriculum; 3) changes for major requirements; and 4) proposals for new programs.

Gustavo Barceloni (Clay for Change)

Franco Pons (ACU)


Academic Policies Committee (Article VII D.1.a.ii)

Charge: To prepare reports and recommendations concerning:  1) the academic calendar; 2) academic standards; 3) admission standards; 4) selective retention policies; 5) educational services that the college should render to the local community; and 6) library services.

Victoria Schenck (Fibers)

Sam Kim (Basketball)


Student Affairs Committee (Article VII D.1.a.iii)

Charge: To prepare reports and recommendations concerning:  1) the needs of the student population; 2) student activities; 3) student participation in cultural and social activities; and 4) practices, policies and trends in student life.

David Gorelik (Center of Vision)
Kara Mackie (Tabletop Club)
Brett Schneider (Comics Club)
Jayme Horne (HART)
Sam Malabre (SIM)
Jessica Isaacs: (MAC)
Daniela Gamba: (ASB)
Alicia Thurston: (QAC)
Phoebe Scott: (Sculpture)


International and Intercultural Opportunities Committee


-          International student support and programming


Ongoing tasks of the IIO Committee include:


-          Collaborating with the COF GEO Center

Anisa Hosseinnezhad (Film/Video)
Angela McHale (Glass)

Amanda Sanabria: (NAEA)
Jonaki Guha: (MAA)
Maddie Coyne: (Poetry Alliance)


Strategic Facilities Planning Committee

Charge: 1) Advise the Colleges planning efforts form major construction and renovation projects requiring funding through DCAM and other external sources; 2) Advise in the planning process associated with the Design and New Media Center and reuse of the Kennedy Building; 3) Better define public spaces and associated amenities across campus; 4) Further define 10-year Campus Facilities Development Plan.


Shelby Pollack (Architecture)

Athena Hay (AIAS)
Olivia Marciano (ReStore)

Sustainability in the Curriculum

 ChargeCharge:  This committee will continue the work of the Sustainability Initiative, including defining sustainability and crafting a clear mission for the College, envision how the principles and practices of sustainability would be integrated into the curriculum and gathering and disseminating information among all areas of the College.

Grant Warren (Action for the Planet)
Matt Neidhardt (ID)
Non-voting member* Callie Mastriani (Garden Collective) 

Academic Technology Committee (3)
Charge: To provide guidance in ensuring appropriate deployment of technology to support the curricular needs of the college, including but not limited to: assisting in piloting and selecting technology for curricular use, assisting in priority setting as new academic technology initiatives are explored, and providing feedback on existing technology services as they pertain to the academic mission of the college.    

Joseph Fennell (IDSA)
Alex Sussman (Game Design)
Rae Lin Tan: (Competitive Gaming)

Budget Committee (minimum 10; must have 5 departments and 5 student organizations)
Maddy Ventresca (Fashion)
May Singleton-Kahn (Godine)
Kristen Deutsch (Iron Corps)
Hailey Wilmot (Costume Club)
Jasmine Baetz (Ceramics)
Selena Johnson (Animation)
Samantha Hansen (Eventworks)

Alysha Robinson (Art Ed)
Mia Jager (Student Galleries)
Brenna Kennedy (OAC)

Non-voting member: ReStore- Olivia and Laina

*One rep from your organization should be at every meeting possible.  There has to be at least 6 reps present to even hold the meeting.