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  • 3. The Work Study Contract

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Hiring Process

So you've decided to hire one of your candidates as a student employee - great! But first, your Work Study student employee will need to complete a Work Study contract BEFORE they begin working for your department.

The Work Study Contract

It is extremely important that your student employees complete a Work Study contract BEFORE they begin working. The paperwork in the Work Study contract is required by The Office of Student Financial Assistance and Human Resources, so that we may properly pay your student employees for the work they do for your department.

Work Study contracts are available in The Office of Student Financial Assistance. They are located directly outside of the office, so students may obtain them at any time. The contract must be completed and returned to The Office of Student Financial Assistance before the student begins working, and any work done prior to a completed contract will need to be paid via a Trust Fund account, or considered volunteer workhours.

The Work Study contract must be completed every single year, regardless of whether or not the student employee has worked for your department before.

All of the required forms in the Work Study contract are explained , and linked to, below.

College Work Study Contract

The student must read the contract , and fill in as much as they can. Anyone in The Office of Student Financial Assistance can help complete this, and any other, form. The College Work Study Contract requires the supervisor's signature.The College Work Study Contract is a triplicate form - the white copy will be submitted to Human Resources, the yellow copy will be retained in The Office of Student Financial Assistance, and the pink copy will be forwarded to the supervisor once the Work Study contract is processed, as an indication that your student employee is now approved to work for your departmentcomplete all necessary info. Please make sure the "Department" and "Job Title" are correct before you sign the contract approving the hire.

Employee Data Sheet 

Demographic and contact info that is collected and stored for Human Resources and Payroll purposes.


This is the federal tax form. It lets Human Resources know how the student employee wants federal taxes withheld from their pay check.


This is the Massachusetts state tax form. It lets Human Resources know how the student employee wants state taxes withheld from their paycheck.


This form explains possible implications on future social security benefits, as the student works for a state that does not collect social security contributions from earnings.


This form is required to prove the student's identity and work eligibility. Original documents proving identity and work eligibility are required with this form.

OBRA & FICA Medicare Exemption Form

If the student is enrolled for 6 credits or more per semester, they must complete this form to qualify for an exemption to contribute to OBRA & FICA Medicare.

OBRA Enrollment Application and Information Guide

If the student enrolls for less than 6 credits per semester, or is working over the summer and is not enrolled for at least 6 credits, the student must complete the OBRA Enrollment Application.

Direct Deposit Form

This form allows the student to receive payments directly to their bank account. No paper checks will be generated.

Sexual Harassment and Drug-Free Workplace Policy

The student should read this information.


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