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Supervisor Responsibilities

Creating Jobs

If a department has a need for a Work Study student employee, it is the supervisor's responsibility to create the job posting , and submit it to College Centralon the Career Development page.

Posting Jobs

Once your job posting is submitted to College CentralCareer Development, Career Services will approve your job (pending review) and students will be able to access your posting. It is also the responsibility of the supervisor to expire the job posting once it has been filled.


Supervisors are responsible for interviewing candidates for their position. After interviews are conducted, supervisors should choose the best candidate for the position.


After the student is offered and accepts the position, the student must complete a Work Study Contract, available in the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Once the student has completed the Work Study Contract, a PDF copy of the contract will be inter-office mailed emailed to the supervisor. Supervisors are responsible for making sure their student employees are not working before completing a Work Study Contract.


As the student works, the Supervisor will need to manage the student employee. Feedback on performance should be given on a regular basis.


Download Work Study Timesheets & Payroll Schedule

Each MassArt utilizes an electronic timesheet program called TimesheetX. Each pay period, the student must complete a an electronic timesheet, which the supervisor must approve. The supervisor is responsible for verifying and approving the hours worked, signing off on the timesheet, and making sure the timesheet is submitted to Student Financial Assistance for processing.



Download Work Study Timesheets & Payroll Schedule




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