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  • 1. Creating and Posting a Work Study Job

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Creating and Posting a Work Study Job

Any department that is interested in hiring a Work Study student employee should post their job online, on the Career Development site.

Supervisors should click on "Faculty Employer Log-In", and then scroll over the "My Jobs/Internships" tab on "Online Services".the top banner, then click "Post a New Job or Internship"
Log-In information is specific to the Career Development site. If you need to request your log-in information, please e-mail Tara Ostrosky at 

Log-in: User ID and Password

Work Study positions are divided into 6 categories:

  • Community
  • Galleries
  • Technology
  • Student Development
  • Administrative Offices/Facilities
  • Studio/Academic Departments

Therefore, supervisors will post their jobs in a specific category.

Now what?

Now that you have logged in, you can post a new job, re-post and/or edit an old job posting, or expire a job posting.

To post a new job, click on the button "Post a New Job".

The "Job Information" you can enter:

  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Required information

    When creating a posting for a new job you must include the following information before it can be approved.

    Position information

    • Position Title
    • Graphic Region of Position (Select "Boston Metro")
    • Supervisor Name, Position, and Department
    • Hours per Week 
    • Pay Type ( Select "Hourly")
    • Hourly Rate or Salary (all Work Study students are currently paid $11/hour.)
    • Type of Job
    • Job Location

     The "Job Requirements" you can enter:

    • Students vs. Alumni
    • Degrees Wanted
    • Majors Wanted
    • Job Targets Wanted
    • Minimum GPA
    • Required Skills/Certification
    • Other Job Requirements

    Contact Information:
    It is extremely important that you enter your Contact Information at the bottom of the job posting page. If you do not, your students will end up contacting Student Financial Assistance, and we do not know the details of your job, or how students should apply!

    There is also a space for you to enter application instructions, and an application deadline.

    • Position Duties & Description
    • Application instructions (How can they apply for the position? Email? Is a resume needed? Etc.)

     Posting Information

    • Opportunity Type (Select "Jobs:Work Study")
    • Majors (Can select "All Majors" or specify individual majors)
    • Post Date
    • Application/Expiration Deadline

    Re-posting and/or Editing a Job Posting

    Re-posting and/or editing a job posting is very similar to the above instructions. Once you have logged in, you will see a list of your previously posted jobs. To re-post a job, simply click on the button "Re-post". You will then be able to edit your job details.

    Expiring a Job Posting

    To Expire an active Job Posting, log in to College Central. You will see a list of your active jobs. Click on the button that says "Expire", and students will no longer be able to search for your job posting.


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