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Student Employee Overview

Finding a Job

Available work study positions are posted by supervisors on the Career Development website. Please log-in to view positions, job descriptions, application instructions, and contact info.

The Hiring Process

Once you have been offered a work study position you must complete the Work Study Contract. Your supervisor will request the contract from Financial Aid and it will be sent to your MassArt email for signatures. You can not begin working until this contract has been completed and approved by Financial Aid.

Students who have not previously worked at MassArt will also need to complete Tax and Employment Eligibility documents. All of these forms will be completed electronically through a system called NeoGov. An activation email from will be sent to your MassArt email address when you have been offered a position. Payroll reviews the material and students should contact that office for questions or concerns. Students are not allowed to work until these forms have been completed.

Below are descriptions of the forms required for first time employment.

Employee Data Sheet 

Demographic and contact info that is collected and stored for Human Resources and Payroll purposes.


This is the federal tax form. It lets Human Resources know how the student employee wants federal taxes withheld from their pay check.


This is the Massachusetts state tax form. It lets Human Resources know how the student employee wants state taxes withheld from their paycheck.


This form explains possible implications on future social security benefits, as the student works for a state that does not collect social security contributions from earnings.


This form is required to prove the student's identity and work eligibility. Original documents proving identity and work eligibility are required with this form.

Direct Deposit Form

This form allows the student to receive payments directly to their bank account. No paper checks will be generated.

Sexual Harassment and Drug-Free Workplace Policy

The student should read this information.


MassArt utilizes an electronic timesheet system called TimesheetX. All hours worked will be entered through this system and your supervisor will approve your time at the end of each pay period. Upon approval to work you will receive emailed instructions on how to log-in and enter your time.


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