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  • Merit Scholarship Standards
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MassArt uses a dual grading system; some departments give letter grades and other departments give Pass/No Credit, depending on which system best serves the department's goals. When reviewing a student's continued eligibility for a merit scholarship, Pass/No Credit grades and letter grades are evaluated separately.

At the end of each academic year, Student Financial Assistance will review a student's transcript. To remain eligible for a merit scholarship, students must meet the following standard:

  • Have a B+ average in all letter graded courses.
  • Receive a Pass (P) in all courses graded Pass/No Credit.
  • Earn at least 21 credits per academic year.
  • If you receive less than a B+ average or receive No Credit in a Pass/No Credit course, you may be put on Probation.
  • If you receive a No Credit (NC) and earn less than 21 credits during the academic year under review, you may be put on Probation.
  • If you are put on Probation, you must make significant improvement to your grades during the next academic year or you may risk losing your scholarship.
  • We are unable to complete the scholarship evaluation with any grade that is incomplete (INC). Incomplete grades must be graded by the middle of the next term. Our office will review this information to ensure it complies with the above policies.

After transcripts have been reviewed, students with merit scholarships will receive a letter from the Office of Student Financial Assistance, outlining the status of their merit scholarship for the upcoming academic year.



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