You will need to provide proof (such as your MassArt ID) that you are a current student or staff member when purchasing from any of the suppliers listed below. Some discounts are not available to college staff.


Adobe Software

Students, staff, and faculty are now included in our Adobe CC site license. Current faculty and students  can download  an Adobe CC  for their home, non-MassArt, computers.  Instructions can be found here How to Access Adobe CC.  Staff who  need Adobe CC off campus to do their work must request a license through our helpdesk.  

The educational discount for anyone who is not a current student or faculty member is $19.99 per month for the first year only, and $29.99 per month thereafter. This is discounted from the $49.99 per month regular price. Educational discounted Adobe Creative Cloud licenses can be purchased here Educational price for Adobe CC

AutoDesk Software

AutoDesk engineering and design products, are free for faculty and students. You may need to register with Autodesk, Apple (for products though the App Store), or others.

Autodesk software for Higher Ed.


Click Here for product information. 12 month student/teacher lease costs $59. Note, $39 of this can be credited towards a full license if purchased within the year. Full package is $250.

Rhino 3D

Click Here for student, staff & faculty order form.
Full package $195; proof of status is required

InVision App

InVision is a design prototyping tool that lets you wire up bitmaps to create clickable functional prototypes. It is free for education. Registration via a Web form is required as well as a code. The MassArt code is: 56-73-13-19. Click Here to download student licenses.  Be sure to use your MassArt email address.  If you already have a license, email with your expected graduation date to get an upgrade. 


Students and Faculty can download Solidworks on their personal computer at no charge as part of our license agreement.  Click here to download the instructions 

You will need to use the serial number known as the ‘SEK’. (This allows you to download the software for use on personal computers so that you can work outside of the school’s network.)

The SEK is:

  • 9020005381415458KR5HDZ88


PC Laptops

Dell laptops: Students, staff and faculty can purchase Dell computers through the Employee and Education Purchasing program (EPP).  Details are on the Dell website

Lenovo laptops: Students, staff and faculty can purchase Lenovo computers through their web site directly at

Apple Products (Nov 2020)

Academic discounts (about 10% off MRP) for Apple products are available at the Apple Store online). Click on .

Below is a mid-range (13" MacBook Pro) laptop model currently available from Apple. Other Macintosh models and various accessories can also be ordered at a discount online at the Apple Education Store. Shipping is free on most products. You can also purchase Apple products at an educational discount at Apple Stores.  Just bring your MassArt ID.

MacBook Pro 13"
1.7GHz Intel i7 Quad core, 16 Gb RAM, 512 GB SSD hard drive, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645, Retina display $1849

Academic discounts on other products are also available from the following vendors:

Download the FREE Adobe Reader get adobe reader  

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