MassArt Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access


MassArt's virtual private network (“VPN”) provides a method for authorized users to gain access to the private on-campus network when they are off-campus or connected to an insecure public network (e.g., your home network). The VPN allows an authorized user to securely access network resources and applications that are otherwise unavailable except when a user is on campus, and connected to the campus MassArt network.  The College distributes software called FortiClient, to authorized users upon request and approval. 
Why would you need to connect to the VPN?

For security reasons, some technology resources (e.g., servers, applications and services) are only available on the local MassArt network, to limit exposure of data or transactions hosted on or provided by these resources from the internet. Limiting access in this way improves information security for sensitive, confidential, and protected data or transactions. Off-campus users who connect to the VPN can access the protected resources which they are authorized to use, primarily to perform work on restricted resources outside of business hours, from a remote location.  

What on-campus resources require VPN for remote access?

Many of the College’s websites and applications are public-facing and are available to any user in any location with a web browser and internet connection. Restricted resources, such as Colleague, Informer, and the file server (mcafs01), are only accessible to those physically or virtually connected to the MassArt network, therefore they require a VPN connection to be remotely accessed or administered. 

Who has access to VPN?

Access to VPN is granted to all staff and faculty. 

How do I enable a VPN connection when I'm working remotely?

VPN access its provided via a software application called the Forticlient VPN Client, which can be installed on Apple macOS and Windows computers. Once installed, users can initiate a VPN connection by launching the software application, entering their NetID and NetID password, and clicking Connect.


How to Install Forticlient VPN

Apple macOS USERS



  • Run the FortiClient VPN client after the install has completed. 
  • Accept all user agreements and install the software normally

How to Configure Forticlient VPN

  • Open the Forticlient VPN and click on "Configure VPN". The default VPN type will beSSL-VPN.

  • Enter the Following Settings
    Connection Name - MassArt VPN
    Description - optional
    Remote Gateway -
    Check Customize Port and enter 10443
    Authentication - select "Prompt on login"
  • Save the VPN configuration settings

  • To connect click Connect for the connection you've just created
  • Enter your MassArt NetID and password
  • Enjoy your secure connection to MassArt!

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For assistance please contact Tech Central

- On the phone: 617-879-7888
- Via email:
- In person: Tower 312