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  • How to update Chosen Name or Pronouns using Colleague's Self-Service web interface
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This document describes how to update your name in enterprise systems. 

It is the policy of Massachusetts College of Art and Design that any MassArt student may choose to be identified with a chosen name and/or pronouns that differ from the individual’s legal name.

A copy of that policy is available here:


Students who wish to select a chosen name or pronouns should initiate the process in the MassArt Self-Service application, using the instructions provided below:

  1. Log in using your login name (NetID) and password and choose User Options on the left

  2. Click on User Profile

  3. Click on Edit Personal Identity. [Please disregard Addresses, Email Addresses and Phone Numbers sections.]

  4. Enter Chosen Name in the fields provided (First Name, Middle Name, Last Name). Students may also select pronouns from the Preferred Pronoun drop-down. Click the Save button to submit the changes.

    NOTE: Selected pronouns are currently displayed on class rosters only.

How Chosen Name Will Be Displayed

If your full legal name is John Quincy Adams, the following describes how your name will appear when you make entries in one or more of the Chosen Name: First Name, Chosen Name: Middle Name, or Chosen Name: Last Name fields, as described above.

First Chosen Name

Middle Chosen Name

Last Chosen Name

How your name will appear




Abigail Francis Jefferson




Abigail Adams




Abigail Jefferson




Abigail Francis Adams




Francis Jefferson




Francis Adams





What happens in other systems and applications

Changing a NetID to reflect a chosen name is a process which can impact your access to some MassArt systems. Certain systems have no issues accepting your new NetID and recognizing the change while other systems may require manual intervention to move data to your new NetID. As soon as your NetID change is initiated, all systems will be impacted and the change process may take up to 24 hours to fully complete on all MassArt systems. If you experience an issue logging into a system which uses the NetID after it has been changed, please report the issue to Tech Central as soon as possible.

MassArt G Suite Apps (Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Sites, etc.)

Your MassArt Google account will be updated at 10:00AM the day following your NetID change. You will continue to log into Gmail, Drive and other Google services with your old NetID until 10:00AM the following day. Your old email address of will be left on your account as an email alias so that you can still receive email at your old address.

Email client applications

If you use an email client application(s) such as Mac Mail, iOS Mail, a Gmail app, etc. on your devices you will need to update them to reflect your new email address. You may need to remove and then add back these accounts with your email address to access mail using these applications.

eduroam Wireless Internet

You will need to reconnect to the eduroam WiFi network on all devices you use to access eduroam using your email address when connecting. Other devices might include laptops, desktops, gaming consoles, streaming devices and smart TVs, and mobile devices and tablets.

Self-Service and Davinci/WebAdvisor

Since the NetID is updated immediately, you will log into the Colleague Self-Service and DaVinci/WebAdvisor web interfaces with your new NetID immediately.

Computer Labs NetID Login

Since the NetID is updated immediately, you will log into computer lab machines with your new NetID immediately.

RAVE emergency notification system

Changing your NetID causes you to be unenrolled from MassArt’s RAVE emergency notification system. You will need to re-register with Rave using your new NetID and email address at the following address:


Please contact Tech Central via phone at 617-879-7888, e-mail at, or in person in 312 Tower.

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