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  • How to access Adobe Creative Cloud applications
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This article provides instructions on accessing Adobe Creative Cloud applications on a Windows or macOS computer.

Warning regarding Adobe's Creative Cloud system requirements

  1. The system requirements for Adobe Creative Cloud applications are available here:
    Your computer must meet the minimum requirements in order to be able to use Creative Cloud apps. If your computer does not meet the system requirements, you may need to upgrade computer components, the computer's operating system, or the computer itself.
  2. Our license is currently restricted to the macOS and Windows desktop versions of Creative Cloud apps. The use of Mobile or Web apps may not be included or may not work on your devices.

Accessing Adobe Creative Cloud and downloading Creative Cloud apps

  1. Using a macOS or Windows desktop or laptop computer, visit and use your Net ID to sign in. Make sure you enter your complete email address (e.g., – NOT just your NetID.
  2. When the Google authentication window appears, enter your full email address (e.g., – NOT just your NetID – and click Next. When the next window appears enter your NetID password and click Next.
  3. If you see the following screen (you may not), select Company or School Account. If asked for a password, enter your NetID password.

  4. If you have successfully logged in, you should see a window like the following:

    You may see a different window, but if you see this icon on the page, and your name next to it, you are logged in. 

  5. Depending on the window you are in find and click the Apps or View All link on the page to see all of the CC apps. 

  6. You will need to download and install the Creative Cloud desktop app to download other Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop, Illustrator or Premier. Any of the following methods will should allow you download and install the app. 

    Downloading and Installing the Creative Cloud desktop app may vary depending on your OS

    Be advised the experience is slightly different for macOS and Windows users - in both cases, you will download an installer file (typically a *.dmg file on macOS, or  an *.msi file on a Windows computer). You will run the downloaded installer and install the application as you would for any other downloaded installer/application. 

    Download speeds will vary, and may take a significant amount of time.

    Download speeds will vary, depending on the speed of your home or local connection to the internet. Adobe may also be experiencing heavy loads and this could impact download speed performance. Plan for a significant amount of time to download these applications. 

  7. Once the app is installed on your desktop or laptop computer, you can download other Creative Cloud applications. 

  8. For more information on how to download or install apps or use the Creative Cloud desktop app, see Adobe's Download and Install Creative Cloud apps or Install Creative Cloud apps on a new computer

Online documentation and resources for learning Adobe Creative Cloud apps

Adobe provides online training Creative Cloud applications for users, from beginners to experts–please review Adobe’s Creative Cloud tutorials page for more information.

If you experience any issues, please report them to the helpdesk via email at or using the web form. Your request or issue will be routed to the appropriate staff member for further investigation - we will do our best to fix any issue we can.