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Recruitment: 2 Faculty, 8 Administrators (Admissions, Financial Aid, Academic Affairs, Studio Foundation/First Year Experience, Administration and Finance, Marketing, Housing, Student Development, Registrar’s Office)

Retention: 3 Faculty, 8 Administrators (Student Development, Academic Affairs, Alumni Relations, Orientation, Housing, Health and Wellness, ARC, Career Services, Technology)

Data: 5 Administrators (Housing, Admissions, Academic Affairs, Institutional Research Effectiveness and Planning, Technology)

The charge of the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM is to develop and assess options regarding principles to and retention efforts at MassArt, in line with the core mission and values of the College. 

The group will also develop recommendations to the Cabinet regarding structures to facilitate ongoing research, innovation, and areas of improvement in recruitment, retention, and student success. Strategic Enrollment Management (SEMwill be led by the President’s Cabinet that will advise a Steering Committee composed of members from Admissions, Student Development, Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, and Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning.

There will be two groups – the SEM Recruitment Council and the SEM Retention Council.  In addition, there will be a Data Team both groups and the  Steering Council.

SEM Committee Members 

AY 19-20

Steering Council

Maureen Keefe

Chris Wright

Karalynn Gau

Kymberly N. Pinder

Dan Serig

Bob Perry

Jamie Glanton Costello 

Jennifer Kilson-Page

Lyssa Palu-ay

Retention Council

Jamie Glanton - Costello

Keith Washington

Amber Tourlentes

James Read

Jesse Strauss

Jasminka Udovicki

Amani Willett

Megan Cronin

Laura Flynn

Marcus Payzant

Jennifer Kilson Page

Dan Serig

Karalynn Gau

Brenda Bailey

Liz Smith Freeman

Maryellen Shroeder (Advisor)

Maureen Keefe (Advisor)

Patrick O'Connor (Advisor)

Recruitment Council

Chris Wright

Lauren Wilshusen

Aurelio Ramirez

Ernie Plowman

Don Aprino

Ellen Carr

Danielle Licitra

Jennifer Kilson-Page

Lucinda Bliss

Jonathan Rand (Advisor)

Student Experience & Thriving

Jamie Costello

Jennifer Kilson Page

Eric Dussealt

Karalynn Gau

Jonathan Rand

Jennie Knot

Student Journey Mapping

Jamie Glanton-Costello

Amber Tourlentes

Dan Serig

Elizabeth Smith-Freedman

Jennifer Kilson-Page

Karalynn Gau

Laura Flynn

Faculty names are in italics

Bold/Color - chair


Strategic Enrollment Management Committees



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