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The Project Management Office (PMO) supports the college through the Division of Administration and Finance by advising on the selection, planning, support, and governance of projects, plans, requests, and portfolios under the direction of the Vice President of Administration and Finance. The PMO offers training and support on the PPM (Project and Portfolio Management System) as well as best practices for project management, project activities, and portfolio development. 

 Project Management Office Staff 

Julie Barrett

Director, Project Management Office


Ext. 7874

Office Location:

8th Floor, Tower Building Room 803

Office Hours: 

Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm


Project Manager PPM :

Ranked #1 in project management, ProjectManager.Com PPM is an online project and portfolio management system geared toward ease of use, flexibility, user experience, personal preference/working style, team building, and collaboration. The system allows for a broad range of project types, as well as managing creative and complex portfolios from task-level details to top level portfolio(s), integrated reporting and executive dashboards. The PPM offers preset project templates, an unlimited number of projects, and unlimited file storage. Other organizations using the PPM include: NASA, Volvo, Ralph Lauren, the United Nations, and the UMass-Boston PMO. 

Please Note: We are migrating to the new version of Project Manager in January 2020 (3 minute overview video below):

Product Videos -

Classic Version Information:


In Person Training - Project Management Office:

  1. Project Management 101 - Project Management Process Overview
    1. Project Management 101a - Project Management Overview - specified to the Administrative Assistant Role 
  2. Project Management 102 - Managing Multiple and Complex Projects
  3. Project Management 103 - Work Blocks and Project Scheduling
  4. Project Management 104 - Project Charter; Defining your project, purpose, and goals  
  5. Project Management 105 - Requirements Gathering
  6. Project Management 106 - Stakeholder Engagement
  7. Project Management 107 - WBS - Work Breakdown Structures (Project Outlines)
  8. Project Management 108 - Project Kick Off Meetings - Internal and External
  9. Project Management 109 - Project Teams: Project Leadership, Roles, and Team Composition
  10. Project Management 110 - Project Communication Plans, Risk Management, Quality Control

Project Management Resources:

  • The Project Management Institute:

    • PMP Certification Project Management Professional

    • Training and Requirements 

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