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MassArt has been growing, learning, and leading for 145 years. Strategic planning has given us an opportunity to look deeply and critically at where MassArt is at this moment in time, ask whether we like what we see, identify what we need to change, and set our path for the future. Through this process, we have sought to clearly articulate what we aim to achieve and why it matters for the growth, health, and wellbeing of our community as we approach our 150th anniversary in 2023.

In our current moment, we are convinced that the artist, the thinker, the engaged citizen, the public institution must lead with clarity, purpose, and passion. Our campus-wide strategic planning process has helped us collectively craft a shared vision, consistent with our mission and values, that defines the work of the college in the years to come. By intentionally considering what to do, what not to do, and where to invest our energy and resources, we are positioned to accomplish things we otherwise wouldn’t in order for MassArt to better serve the Commonwealth and our students.

We began our strategic planning process in September of 2017, with the intent to introduce and model a process of engaged dialogue and deep listening with the community. A variety of forums and events were designed toward this end, including a postcard campaign, interactive exhibitions complemented with real-time surveys, world cafe style events, and targeted focus groups. These consistent conversations opened new ideas and perspectives. The process and the plan took shape through the vital engagement of faculty, staff, students, alums, retired faculty, boards, and community partners.

A Steering Group comprised of faculty, staff, and students (eight of whom are alums) served as a hub to process the community’s input. They enlisted the facilitation expertise of Artistic Logistics, a consulting firm with over twenty years of experience working with arts and cultural institutions. Based on the input received, the Steering Group commissioned several ad hoc working groups to craft proposals and recommend goals. From those proposals, the Steering Group drafted clear priorities, and identified goals and emerging themes, which were shared with the full community for review and comment in September of 2018. 

Strategic Plan Dashboard

During our strategic planning process, we promised to create a public presence where the progress of the plan’s implementation could be followed. Our Vision for the Future is the new online home for this presence. At this site, you will find a live dashboard that provides an overall update, highlights of our achievements, and specific progress made on our top priority to close achievement and completion gaps. 

As you check out the dashboard, remember that you’re looking at a current snapshot of a five-year plan. We’ll continue to post periodic assessments until we approach our 150th anniversary in 2023.

Progress Reports

Annual reports on our progress are presented to the Board of Trustees every year in September.

Supplemental Reports

The below reports are referenced in the Annual Report. For more in-depth information, download pamphlets, reports and vital signs on MassArt's Institutional Effectiveness site.

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