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  • On-Campus Job Offer: Steps to Apply for an SSN
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*Please Note: F-1 students can only apply for an SSN if they have been offered an on-campus job or have been authorized for CPT or OPT.

  • STEP 1: Ask your future supervisor to complete Section A only of the F-1 Certification of On-Campus Employment for SSN:
    • Ensure your name is spelled and formatted exactly as on your passport 
    • Supervisor may sign Section A electroncally or in ink
    • If signed in ink, the form should be scanned clearly; no photos will be accepted.

    • Start date for employment cannot be more than 30 days in the future

  • STEP 2: Your supervisor emails a PDF of the Section A completed F-1 Certification of On-Campus Employment for SSN to:
    • International Student Advisor (ISA) Maggie Shirland, Designated School Official: (or an alternative campus DSO if the ISA is out)
    • copies the student 
  • STEP 4: International Student Advisor or another campus Designated School Official completes Section B of the F-1 Certification of On-Campus Employment for SSN:
  • STEP 5: International Student Advisor (or another campus Designated School Official) emails F-1 student when the form is signed and ready
    • this normally happens within 1 week of DSO's receipt of the form.

    • enter your home address zip code into the Social Security Office Locator
    • note their address, hours of operation and how to get there
    • Note regarding COVID pandemic closures: As of April 7, 2022 Boston announced that all SSN offices are open for walk-ins.
      • Appointments are no longer needed. 
      • No documents should be faxed or mailed to any office. STEP 6: Find your local Social Security Office
  • STEP 7: Apply for your SSN in person within 2 weeks of the date on the letter and bring:
  • STEP 8: Present your number to MassArt Human Resources
    • It is your responsibility to give the number to your employer as soon as you receive it in order to avoid any delays
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