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Trust fund employees submit their time for payment using TimeSheetX or submitting paper time sheets.

TimesheetX: Employees must submit their time sheet by 5:00 p.m. every other Wednesday and supervisors must approve time by 10:00 a.m every other Thursday.

Paper time sheets: Time sheets are due every other Thursday by 10:00 a.m.

Checks will be issued the following Friday. 

In order to be paid for any work at MassArt, we must have the proper documentation on file in Payroll Services. Please reach out to Valerie Gilliard,, if you aren't sure what forms you need to complete.

All trust fund employees must complete a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) screening once per year. Please review the CORI Policy for more information 

Trust Fund Forms

Trust Fund Payroll Schedule 

Trust Fund Time Sheet 

Additional forms can be found on the HR Forms wiki page

Tired of messy paper time sheets? Want to submit your time online in seconds?

Now you can enter and submit time to your Supervisor in seconds with the new TimesheetX online time sheet  system

Improves quality of time sheet entries.

Eliminates errors in handwriting, math, and duplicate recording of time

Get automated employee e-mail warnings and never miss another  time sheet deadline.

See award balance information 24/7/365 so you won’t exceed Work Study award amount.


After submitting your paper time sheet, you can be added to the online system.  You will receive an email showing your new job. Click the link below and log in with your net ID and password

(same name and password as your email excluding and you're in!



*Please note that these PDFs contain attachments and require Adobe Reader. These forms are also available on the Human Resources Forms page. 

If you are working for more than one office at MassArt, please remember to fill out a different contract with each office. 

In order to be paid for any work at MassArt, we must have the proper documentation on file in Payroll Services. 

Please contact Valerie Gilliard at or (617) 879-7909 with any questions regarding your trust fund payroll.



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