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Smoking is dangerous to the health of the smoker and involuntary smoking is a cause of disease, including lung cancer, in healthy non-smokers. The simple separation of smokers and non-smokers within the same air space may reduce, but not eliminate, the exposure of non-smokers to environmental tobacco smoke. This applies to all smoking tobacco products, i.e., cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. This policy has been developed to protect all persons from the exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and to ensure a safe working environment.

Smoking is prohibited in all facilities and areas of the entire workplace with no exceptions. Smoking is not permitted anywhere at MassArt, including all common work areas, elevators, hallways, company vehicles, restrooms, cafeterias, employee lounges, conference and meeting rooms, and all other enclosed or outdoor areas in the workplace. The policy applies to all employees, clients, consultants, contractors, and visitors.

Compliance with the smoke-free policy is mandatory for all employees and persons visiting Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Any disputes involving smoking will be referred to your immediate supervisor. Employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. No person or employer shall discharge, refuse to hire, refuse to serve, or in any manner retaliate against any employee, applicant, or customer because such employee, applicant, or customer takes any action in furtherance of the enforcement of this regulation or exercises any right conferred by this regulation.

We would like to support you in your efforts to quit smoking. Here are some helpful resources.

Quit Smoking Hotlines –

  • 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669) or 855-DÉJELO-YA (855-335-3569) (en Español) will connect you with Massachusetts state quit line with trained coaches who provide information and help with quitting.

  • 877-44U-QUIT (877-448-7848) will connect you with the National Cancer Institute’s trained counselors who are available to provide information and help with quitting in English or Spanish, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time.

American Cancer Society – Guide to Quit Smoking

American Lung Association – Stop Smoking 

American Heart Association – Healthy Living/Quit Smoking 

National Cancer Institute – Where to get help when you decide to quit smoking

Center for Disease Control and Prevention –

Quitting Smoking Fact Sheet

I’m Ready to Quit! 

SmokeFree – Tools and Tips

US Food and Drug Administration – Want to Quit Smoking? FDA-Approved Products Can Help

Employee Benefits
GIC Health Insurance Plan Smoking Cessation Resources



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