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Welcome to NeoGov! 

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Human Resources team implemented a new system called NeoGov in January of 2020. NeoGov's solutions empower government and higher ed HR teams to streamline processes, and to meet the unique needs of public sector HR teams by automating and supporting the entire employee lifecycle, while ensuring the highest standards of compliance.

NeoGov will be utilized to recruit, onboard, offboard and make eForms available to employees, among its capabilities. 

As of October 2020, HR has taken up the charge of making NeoGov easier to use for our employees throughout the college, and will be continually creating/maintaining a library of user guides for the community to reference in order to help them further learn and understand NeoGov processes and functions. 

NeoGov User Guide Library

Online Hiring Center (OHC) - Search Process Kick-Off Guides

  1. Online Hiring Center (OHC) Overview
  2. Create a Requisition & Route for Approvals 
  3. Approve or Deny a Requisition

Online Hiring Center (OHC) - Candidate Rating & Comments 

  1. Subject Matter Expert (SME) Review


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