Purpose of the Handbook and General Disclaimer

This handbook is intended only as a general summary of rights, responsibilities, benefits and information for employees of Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt). The contents of this handbook are considered guidelines. The handbook’s provisions are not conditions of employment; they may be changed from time to time at the discretion of the president of the College. Employees will receive notice of the changes through email or hard copy distribution. THIS HANDBOOK IS NOT INTENDED TO CREATE, AND IS NOT TO BE CONSTRUED TO CONSTITUTE OR CREATE, A CONTRACT BETWEEN MASSART AND ITS EMPLOYEES.

This handbook contains brief statements of policies. More complete details of policies may be obtained from the human resources office, the office of equity, diversity, and inclusion, the applicable collective bargaining agreement, or in other official college policies and procedures. The collective bargaining agreements contain the official conditions of employment for bargaining unit members. This handbook does not supersede the collective bargaining agreements. A copy of the collective bargaining agreement (union contract) that governs your conditions of employment may be obtained through your union representative. This handbook is not intended to substitute, replace, overrule, or modify any existing federal and state laws, agency rules, regulations or policies, or terms of a collective bargaining agreement (if relevant) nor be inclusive of every policy.

Employees are responsible for reading and understanding this handbook and for abiding by the College’s policies and procedures.

The human resources office is responsible for providing periodic updates to this handbook. 

Version Under Revision 8/28/23

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