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MassArt recognizes the importance of modern technology in our efforts to provide employees the best and most efficient services. Therefore, many employees of the college are provided with telephones and email as well as limited access to the internet. The college encourages its employees to utilize these tools; however, it should be understood that the college's telephones, email system, and internet access are intended for use on college-related business purposes only. Email and the internet must not be used for an employee’s personal benefit.

Employees should be aware that all email messages are automatically stored on the college’s back-up system. The college also keeps records of internet sites visited by college employees. All email messages and internet sites are subject to review by the college from time to time as set forth in the college's Electronic Mail, Internet, and Telecommunications/Voicemail Policy. An employee's use of the college's email system and/or internet constitutes their consent to the college's recording of the employee's email messages as well as websites visited by that employee. Any improper use of these vital tools will not be tolerated and will subject the employee to discipline, up to and including termination.

Technology Policies and Guidelines



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