The Massachusetts Board of Higher Education negotiates four collective bargaining agreements which affect state universities. These contracts are available on the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Website.


American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Local 1067, Council 93,  AFL-CIO
Steward: Patrick Dillion, pdillion@massart.ed

AFSCME Performance Evaluation Form:

AFSCME Performance Evaluation Form


Association of Professional Administrators, MTA/NEA
Chapter president: Susan McNeil,, (617) 879-7456
Membership officer: Lucas Dean,, (617) 879-7940

APA Performance Evaluation Form

Appendix C_APA.pdf

Appendix D_APA.pdf


Massachusetts State College Association, MTA/NEA
Chapter president: Kathryn Riel,, (617) 879-7112


Division of Graduate and Continuing Education, Massachusetts State College Association, MTA/NEA


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