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The Public Safety Department at Massachusetts College of Art and Design works to preserve and protect life and property, to prevent and to detect criminal activity, to maintain public order, and to provide service to the MassArt community. The Public Safety Department’s primary objective is to provide a safe environment in which members of MassArt community can pursue and engage in academic, social, and cultural activities in an atmosphere of safety and security.

Campus police officers routinely patrol college facilities and grounds in order to provide safety and protection for members of the college community. The Public Safety Department works in conjunction with local, state, and federal public safety divisions on areas of mutual concern.

The Public Safety Department will provide, upon request, a personal safety escort service for students, faculty, staff, and other visitors to the campus. On foot escorts are provided to certain areas of the campus. During the academic year the Public Safety Department also operates a shuttle service within a two-mile radius of the campus. For more information regarding the escort and shuttle services, please call the Public Safety Department at extension 7810. If they are unable to provide an escort or shuttle for any reason, a telephone will be made available for employees to make alternate arrangements.

The Public Safety Department publishes campus crime statistics and the college’s policies relating to crime and crime prevention annually. See the Clery Report page for more information. The Public Safety Department can be reached twenty-four hours per day/365 days per year at ext. (617) 879-7810. In case of an emergency, please call the emergency hotline in the Public Safety Department at (617) 879-7800.



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