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The appropriate holder of the records shall maintain a record of all appointments and personnel actions for each employee in the employee's personnel file. The official personnel files for administrators and staff are located in the Office of Human Resources. Faculty and librarian academic personnel files are kept in the office of the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs. Faculty and librarian payroll and medical files are kept in the human resources office. Graduate and continuing education faculty files are maintained in the graduate program and continuing education offices, and payroll files are kept in the human resources office. These files contain the official record of an employee's employment history with the college.

It is MassArt's policy to respect individual privacy. In accordance with Massachusetts state law, all information and records pertaining to college employees contained in personnel files and elsewhere will be kept as confidential as possible. Information will only be provided to appropriate outside individuals on a "need to know" basis and consistent with the law.

Massachusetts state law specifically provides that an employee may review his personnel record during business hours if that employee makes a request in writing to his employer. All written requests should be made to the human resources office. If an employee disagrees with the content of his personnel record, he may submit a written statement explaining his position on the disputed issue. Employees should also refer to their collective bargaining agreements for additional policies/rights regarding individual personnel files.

It is MassArt's policy to cooperate with federal and state agencies performing investigatory functions. However, personal information will only be provided to governmental investigators when they are entitled by law to receive such information.

An employee may review information kept in his personnel file by contacting the office that holds the file.

Please note that some positions within the college involve access to confidential information on employees and/or students. Employees who handle such information are expected to maintain confidentiality and to comply with the laws and policies that govern release of that information. Misuse of confidential information may constitute a violation of state ethics statutes and may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.



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