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Massachusetts College of Art and Design is committed to the health and well being of faculty, staff, students, and visitors to our campus.  The office of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for ensuring that all laws that apply to the College are properly followed (i.e. hazardous waste disposal, "Right-To-Know", etc.) The Safety Office is located in T-401. This office provides safety training, respirator fit-testing, air quality investigations, ergonomics assessments, and is available for safety advice whenever needed. The recycling program and sustainability efforts are also managed by this office.

Our primary goal is to provide our community with a healthy and safe working environment, by promoting and supporting Safety and Health Programs.

The following principles have been established as a guide for a healthy environment:

  • Development of environmental and safety policies
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable environmental and safety laws and regulations
  • Promote conservation by minimizing waste through efficient and appropriate use of resources
  • Minimize hazards to students, faculty, staff, and visitors
  • Establishment of guidelines for those who do business with MassArt to perform their work in a manner that protects the campus from environmental and safety risks

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