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The Massachusetts Board of Higher Education (BHE) approved MassArt at 150, Strategic Plan 2018-2023 in June 2019.

During our strategic planning process, we promised to create a public presence where the progress of the plan’s implementation could be followed. Our Vision for the Future is the new online home for this presence. At this site, you will find a live dashboard that provides an overall update of the items in our plan as well as the annual reports presented to MassArt’s Board of Trustees every September.  

As you check out the dashboard, remember that you’re looking at a current snapshot of a five-year plan. We’ll continue to post periodic assessments until we approach our 150th anniversary in 2023.

Additional information can also be found here on MassArt's wiki.

Thank you to the members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, who expertly guided us through the process, and adeptly took on the roles of advocates, facilitators, and ambassadors. A special thank you to the Committee's vice chairs Marc Holland (Studio Foundation) and Chandra Mendez Ortiz (Artward Bound). Thank you to the many who participated in Working Groups, Input Groups, and as Advisors. And thank you to everyone who provided insight and feedback throughout the year in forums, meetings, postcards and proposals.

What’s next?

Ongoing progress during plan implementation will be tracked using an online platform, and quarterly updates will be available to the community via a public dashboard. The Strategic Planning Assessment Team will be presenting an annual report to MassArt's Board of Trustees in September. 

Accomplishing our goals requires action plans and realignment of our budgets and resources. A Tactical Team has been working to make recommendations to the President’s Cabinet regarding implementation of the plan. For 2019-2020, the Tactical Team is made up of the following members:

  • Julie Barrett, Project Management (chair)

  • Brenda Bailey, Justice, Equity, and Transformation (JET)

  • David Carder, Graduate Programs / Professional and Continuing Education

  • Karalyn Gau, Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning

  • Jocelyn McElrath, Student Development

  • Ernie Plowman, Academic Affairs

  • Kate Russell, President’s Office

  • Dan Serig, Academic Affairs

  • Faith Teycer, Human Resources

  • Marc Holland, Studio Foundation (advisor)

Throughout the planning process, we have been practicing ways of dialoguing with each other, and new ways of working and organizing ourselves. The Tactical Team is continuing this practice of listening to learn, and while this process may seem slow to some, it emphasizes the importance of input from our knowledge base and those who carry out this work every day.

This plan will carry us through the five years leading up to our 150th anniversary. In five years, we will celebrate the accomplishments of this plan, as well as our 150-year legacy as we envision MassArt for generations to come.


Have questions about MassArt's strategic plan, please email 

Check out the Child Pages in the sidebar to view a timeline, supporting materials, forum maps, and other important information from the strategic planning process.

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