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Upon becoming president, David Nelson embarked on a listening and learning tour of the MassArt community. His observations, questions, and proposals were condensed into a First One Fifty vision, which he has been sharing with the campus. On Opening Day, January 2017, faculty, staff, and students held the first community conversation in response to the First One Fifty. Other group community conversations have taken place since then.

On a parallel track, MassArt has been going through an extensive self-study period, as propelled by the recent accreditation process. All of our departments have had the opportunity to look deeply into our workings, structures, and outcomes and to imagine how things could change for the better. As the college receives feedback from the visiting team, we will need to incorporate their recommendations into our considerations.

These two projects provide MassArt with the perfect opportunity to enter into a longer-term planning process to position the school for the next 5, 10, and 50 years. We will envision MassArt’s future and plan to make this vision a reality. In essence, what will we do in the next 5-10 years that will position the school to become a leading international educational/cultural institution in 2073?


The role of the Steering Group is to guide MassArt to create a visionary strategic plan consistent with our mission (a five year plan with a ten year horizon). 

The plan must be achievable and fundable, and also inspirational.

It must be the college’s plan, and should meet with the approval of our Board of Trustees and the Board of Higher Education.

The plan should help guide our campus planning and our budgeting processes.

The planning process should help us assess our organization and help us identify opportunities for organizational and leadership development.

The plan should include accountability, and we should transparently assess the plan and also update it annually. 

Composition of the Steering Committee:

The steering committee will work with the president’s cabinet to steer the strategic planning process. The membership consists of the President's Cabinet and the following MassArt community members: 

  • President David Nelson, Chair
  • Marc Holland, '00, Vice-Chair
  • Chandra Mendez-Ortiz, '05, Vice-Chair
  • Jeanette Eberhardy

  • Jocelyn Gomes, '06
  • Sondra Grace, '81
  • Daniela Guzman, '20
  • Maureen Keefe, Cabinet
  • Matthew Knight, '20 
  • Aditi Lakhtakia, '18 (until June 2018)
  • Ceci Mendez-Ortiz, Cabinet
  • Marjorie O'Malley, Cabinet
  • Paul Paturzo
  • Lyssa Palu-ay, '01, Cabinet
  • Bob Perry (as of June 2018)
  • Kate Russell, Project Manager
  • Susana Segat, Cabinet
  • Kurt Steinberg, Cabinet (until June 2018)
  • Chris Wright, Cabinet
  • Chloe Zaug
  • Ellen Carr, Advisor
  • Karalynn Gau, Advisor
  • Kelly Sherman, '02, Advisor
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