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As a Massachusetts state university, Massachusetts College of Art and Design is coordinated by the MA Department of Higher Education (DHE). Under the leadership of Commissioner Richard M. Freeland, the DHE has initiated an initiative entitled, "The Vision Project: A Public Agenda for Higher Education in Massachusetts". On May 4, 2010 the DHE published materials outlining the concept, goals and means of the project, including the following project summary:

"The goal of the Vision Project is to demonstrate that public higher education can act in a unified and focused way to ensure the future well-being of the Commonwealth and that we are ready to hold ourselves accountable for results to the people of the state. The Vision Project pursues this goal in three ways: (1) highlighting the work of our campuses on a limited number of educational and research outcomes that represent public higher education's most important contributions to the strength of the Commonwealth; (2) annually reporting our standing among the 50 states with respect to these outcomes; (3) organizing our work to ensure a targeted and sustained effort to achieve and maintain national leadership with respect to each of the Vision-related outcomes."

MassArt is in the process of finalizing our all college learning outcomes, built from departmental learning goals, with involvement by each department at the college and with the leadership provided by our own Professor Lois Hetland. We will seek to work with the DHE around the Vision Project while maintaining a commitment to the unique needs of MassArt. Please find more detailed and expansive information about the DHE's Vision Project at:



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