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ALL resident students, commuter students, faculty and staff who will be returning to campus in 2021 will need to be TESTED TWICE after the winter break.

Test #1: Please schedule a re-entry test in CoVerified for at least 1 DAY PRIOR to your anticipated first day on campus. After you receive your negative results and complete the daily symptom report, you will be cleared in CoVerified for access to campus. You will not be able to enter campus if you are not cleared in CoVerified. We have limited testing hours for the first 3 weeks of January, so please plan your return accordingly. Resident students are allowed to receive a test the day they return to campus and quarantine in their dorm until they receive the negative result. 

Test #2: Schedule your second test in CoVerified 4-8 DAYS after your first test. This is an added measure to address the average gestation period -- it can take several days to develop symptoms or test positive after exposure to someone who has the virus (Source: CDC).

You will be allowed on campus after receiving your first negative result, however EVERYONE must take a second test. 


We are expecting test result turnaround delays this week as many schools re-open. Please plan to test 2-3 days before being on campus to address potential 48-72 hour turnarounds. Resident students will be allowed to test the day they return to campus, and should be prepared to quarantine until receiving their negative result for 2-3 days. 

Resident Students

Resident students are able to move back onto campus and receive a test immediately before or after moving in. They will need to quarantine in their room until receiving their negative test results. We have limited testing hours for January so please plan your return to campus accordingly.  

International Students

International students returning to campus will follow the MassArt testing and quarantine protocols; these protocols take into account federal and state guidelines, regulations, and requirements.

Please take into account the possibility of travel delay and restrictions, quarantines or prolonged self-isolation requirements when traveling. You can find more information on the website here

Testing Off-Campus

If it is more convenient for you to test off-campus, you will need to follow these protocols to align with our testing standards. 

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