For more information and updates on MassArt's response to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, please visit Please review the Technology department operations during Coronavirus-COVID-19 pandemic wiki article for information on access to Technology department facilities and services. Please submit technical issues and service requests to the help desk web customer portal, via email at, or via phone 617.879.7888.
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We are using CoVerified for scheduling on-campus testing, viewing test results, and symptom tracking. All students and employees need to use CoVerified to access the campus, and to track their symptoms. 

CoVerified mobile apps for iOS and Android devices are available here:

CoVerified for laptop/desktop, using any web browser, is available here:

What's featured here:

Getting Started

Sign in with your MassArt email address (e.g.,  and password. 

See the CoVerified tutorial for more info. 


  • You may be asked to update the app upon launch - CoVerified is releasing new versions regularly.

  • Android users may need to change their device settings if they receive an error message that the app can’t be installed because it’s from an untrusted source (or similar message). 

  • If you encounter issues with either the iOS or Android mobile app, try using the web interface (and vice-versa).

  • If you have different versions of your email address (for vs., please try to login with an alternate version of the email.

  • CoVerified works best with the latest IOS software update. If you are having trouble, we recommend deleting and re-downloading the app and making sure your software is up to date. 

Still having trouble? Please submit issues directly to CoVerified at:

How to view your test results

  1. Under the testing option in the bottom panel, select the icon circled in orange.
  2. Click this icon to see all of your received test results. 

Below is what a negative test result will look like:

How to schedule a test

  1. Under the testing option in the bottom panel, select the icon circled in orange.

2. Select the date range you are looking to test, and follow the prompts to select our testing site and the appointment time that fits your availability. 

3. Confirm your test. Please show up on time for your appointment, bring your MassArt ID, and wear a mask. 

How to cancel a test appointment

  1. Select Testing

2. Scroll down & select your upcoming scheduled test


3. Select Cancel

How to upload off-campus test results

If you get a COVID test somewhere other than the MassArt Campus Testing Site, we request that you upload the results into your CoVerified account. You do NOT need to upload your results from the MassArt campus testing site. 

  1.  Go to Report > Upload Test Result

2. Enter in the date you had the test (NOT the date you received the results). Make sure this is accurate. 

3. Take a photo of the document, or upload a photo or file.  

4. Your documentation will need to be approved by the MassArt COVID Team. 

How to upload your influenza vaccination

    1.  Go to Report > Upload Vaccine Record

2. Enter in the information below

3. Take a photo of the document, or upload a photo or file.  

4. Your documentation will need to be approved by the MassArt COVID Team. 

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