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The following procedures document the process to be followed for awarding Gift Certificates/Gift Cards to MassArt students as a reward, prize, or drawing to participate in college activities.

1. Gift Certificates/Gift Cards may only be given to MassArt students.

2. The only acceptable purpose of Gift Certificates/Gift Cards is to encourage MassArt student involvement and participation.

3. Annual anticipated Gift Certificate/Gift Card purchases must be a separate line item in the budget for your department.

4. Gift Certificate/Gift Card purchases must be pre-approved by your Trust Fund Custodian and area Vice President. 

5. The Gift Certificate Requisition Form is the only acceptable paperwork and must be completed and forward to Accounting Services prior to purchase.  Purchase method for all Gift Certificate/Gift Card will be determined by Accounting Services.  Gift Certificates/Gift Cards will be held in the Accounting Services safe until the day of distribution.  Undistributed Gift Certificates/Gift Cards will be returned to Accounting Services no later than the next business day.  

Procurement Cards may not be used to purchase Gift Certificates or Gift Cards. Unauthorized purchases of Gift Certificates/Gift Cards cannot be reimbursed.

6. Gift Certificates/Gift Card may only be purchased in one of the following denominations:  $5 - $10 - $25

7. Purchases exceeding $250 for a single event or the total of a single purchase must be pre-approved by the Executive Vice President or Assistant Vice President of Administration and Finance.

8. Gift Certificate/Gift Card recipients must complete the Gift Certificate/Card Receipt upon receipt of the Gift Certificate/Gift Card. The completed forms must be sent to Accounting Services.

9. All conditions pertaining to the use of the Gift Certificate/Gift Card are those as designated by the issuer of the certificate/card and are neither associated with nor endorsed by MassArt. Lost or misplaced cards cannot be replaced by MassArt.


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