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Expenditure Procedures

Expenditure Guidelines - A must for new employees and a good resource for all.

Conflict of Interest Law

Introduction to the Conflict of Interest Law by the State Ethics Commission

Procurement Process

MassArt is required to employ the competitive procurement process for the purchase of commodities and services from vendors, including independent contractors, as determined by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Three Part Test, M.G.L. c. 149, s. 148B, for all purchases over $10,000.  The Purchasing Department also solicits bids whenever practical on all other purchases to maximize savings potential.

Procurements that qualify as a competitive procurement exception are as follows:

  • Incidental Purchase - An incidental purchase is defined as a one-time purchase, or a series of purchases for a one time need non-recurring need for an amount less than the incidental purchase threshold.
  • Collective purchasing arrangements - The competitive procurement process is not required if the commodity or service is available from an existing contract. The college receives increased purchasing power from the contracts of the following group purchasing organizations:
    • Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Operational Services Division (OSD) 
    • Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC). 
  • Interim contracts to prevent a lapse in contract performance.
  • Hiring contract employees - as determined by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Three Part Test, M.G.L. c. 149, s. 148B.
  • Other - Purchases without limitation of amount library books and periodicals, educational and scientific supplies and equipment, emergency repairs and replacement parts, and perishable items, without recourse to any state board, bureau, department or commission; provided, however, that in so doing the college shall follow modern methods of purchasing and shall, wherever practicable, invite competitive bids, MGL c. 15A s.24.
  • No person is authorized to obligate the college without encumbering (having a PO issued) in advance, sufficient funds to meet the obligation. The college does not accept responsibility for unauthorized purchases.
    No person is authorized to sign any contract and/or agreement on behalf of MassArt except the President, Administration and Finance Associate Vice President of Administration, or the President's designee.
  • Purchasing works with departmental staff to encourage participation in the college's procurement card program where appropriate. This program offers an efficient purchasing option for a large number of departmental programs.
  • Purchasing maintains procurement files that include documentation related to procurements such as (if applicable) the request for response, advertising documentation, selected bidder's responses, Commonwealth Standard Contract form, Commonwealth Terms and Conditions, required bonds and notification of contract execution.
  • The college promotes the procurement and use of environmentally preferable commodities and services to strengthen markets for recyclable materials and minimize the environmental and health impacts associated with products during their use and disposal.