Massachusetts College of Art and Design has a contractual relationship with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to provide vehicle rental services.  The college is able to take advantage of discounts offered through a Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) contract via MassArt's membership and ongoing collaborative efforts with MHEC.  Contract rates include needed insurance coverage.

College employees must reference the college's corporate account number on all business reservations. Please email for the account number.

This program is available for personal use by referencing our personal account number.  Please note personal rentals do not include the insurance coverage described below. Please email for the account number.

Program Summary and Rate Information

The attached business use Program Summary provides rate information.  The renter must verify the correct contract rate was charged when returning the vehicle.  The contract offers half day, full day, weekly, and monthly rates.  Half day rental is defined as 6 hours or less in duration in the same calendar day picked up and returned during normal operating hours.

Please note the different rates that are charged for rentals picked up at airport branch locations and non airport branch locations.

Important Insurance Information

A special insurance coverage included rate has been negotiated and built in for business rentals.  College employees are reminded that you must reference MassArt account number to ensure insurance coverage is included.

Full Collision Damage Waiver (CDW or DW) coverage is included with no deductible.
$1,000,000 single limit Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP) is included with no deductible.

Renters should decline the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW or DW) and Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP) insurance coverage options on the rental agreement that is signed at the branch location.  There should be no additional CDW or SLP charges paid.   

Reservation Process

To set up a rental reservation online, go to, enter the location, date, time and our corporate account number and click "Continue" to search for available vehicles. Choose the car class that’s preferred.  The next screen will be the Extra's screen, click on "Continue to review" button. On the next screen, put in the renter’s name, phone and email address.  Underneath that, it will ask you to confirm if this is a business rental, click "yes". It will then ask you if you are authorized and choosing to bill MassArt for this rental.  Click “no”. Purchasing is the only department that can authorize Enterprise to bill the college. We will contact Enterprise directly to have our corporate billing number added to any rentals for which we receive completed purchase requisitions. Alternatively, renters with a college p-card can pay by card and simply must present the card when picking up the rental. On the next screen, click on “Reserve Now” to complete the reservation. 

Once you have placed the reservation either by phone or online, the renter will need to give their name, confirmation number from the reservation, and present a valid driver’s license when picking up the vehicle. If paying by p-card you will need the card at this time. If using a purchase requisition the renter will NOT need a personal credit card in order to complete this transaction.

Additional Contract Benefits and Information (PDF)

We'll Pick You Up Program
Quick Start Program
Preferred Customer Status
Grace Period for Returns
Additional Drivers
Under Age Renters

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