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All University Committee

The All University Committee (AUC) is responsible for reviewing each charge received and for referring it to one of its standing committees (Curriculum, Academic Policy, Student Affairs), or to another appropriate committee. All committees transmit their recommendations to the AUC, which reviews and forwards them along with any amendments or recommendations of its own to the president of the college for review. The president's final ruling is released to the college community.

All charges to be reviewed through governance should be sent to the Academic Affairs Office, care of Alice Stanne, AUC Recording Secretary. Charges must be submitted by Monday afternoon to be on Wednesday's agenda.

AUC meets on Wednesdays reserved for governance at 1:30 p.m. in Tower 1101.

The composition of the AUC is 8 faculty, 3 students, and 3 administrators.

Minutes 2020 - 2021       |       Agendas 2019 - 2020

Committee Members 2019 - 2020

Maureen Keefe
Kymberly Pinder
Susana Segat


Beth Balliro
Jarrett Davis
Taylor Davis
James Mason
Marika Preziuso
Chuck Stigliano
Nita Sturiale, Chair
Heather White

Kathleen Hernandez (fall)
Yve Holtzclaw (spring)
Anushka Suji
Matthew Zeleznik

Governance Calendar 2019 - 2020

Fall Semester
September 11, 2019 (AUC, Tenure, and Promotions only)
September 25, 2019
October 9, 2019
October 23, 2019
November 6, 2019
December 4, 2019

Spring Semester
January 29, 2020
February 12, 2020
February 26, 2020
March 18, 2020
April 1, 2020
April 15, 2020
May 6, 2020

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