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Academic Policy Committee

CHARGE: To prepare reports and recommendations concerning: 1) the academic calendar; 2) academic standards; 3) admission standards; 4) selective retention policies; 5) educational services that the college should render to the local community; and 6) library services.

COMPOSITION: 10 faculty, 2 students, 2 administrators

All charges to be reviewed through governance should be sent to the Academic Affairs Office, care of Alice Stanne, All University Committee Recording Secretary. The AUC will dispense the charge to the appropriate committee.

2019 - 2020 Minutes

2020 - 2021 Committee Members


  • Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta
  • Jarrett Min Davis
  • Joshua Hart (chair)
  • Cheri Ehrlich
  •  Ezra Shales
  • Dan Rowe
  • Ericka Beckman
  • Greg Wallace
  • Jonathan Santos
  • Matthew Hinçman


  • Jonathan Rand
  • Liz Smith-Freedman


  • Jordan Kaiser
  • Malinda Gauruder



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